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H E A D L I N E S is all about The Hero’s Journey. It is a universal feature in each of our lives. We are in an ordinary world working to become extraordinary. Throughout the course of our lives we face a substantial amount of trials and tribulations. We strive towards fulfilling our legacy and throughout this journey we face inevitable setbacks. How about a brand that truly resonates with your story? A brand that signifies your anguish, resilience, purpose, fortitude, resurgence, and triumph; a timepiece that holds a powerful identity in which embodies your life’s journey. This is what H E A D L I N E S represents. A time piece that is meant to inspire and remind you every day of the lifestyle you aspire to live. A timepiece constructed to represent the hero’s journey, your journey; a timepiece that signifies your legacy. A timepiece empowering your story into tomorrow’s H E A D L I N E S.

We set out to partner with a team of designers to create a variety of quality timepieces addressing modern trends that are inspiring, versatile, fashionable, and diverse, with stylistic appeal for both men and women. In 2018 we cultivated relationships with watch manufactures that have over fifty years of experience and extensive knowledge of the watch industry. We go straight to the source and produce high quality timepieces. After sourcing the materials, assemblage, and quality control the final product is ready to be shipped to the consumer.


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